Why You Should Have At Least One Hobby

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Leisure activity/hobby is finding a perfect way how to pass a free time enjoying in it. To find the best occupation that will provide you with a lot of fun and joy. Is up to you how you will spend your spare time, but enjoying during it is the best of all.

Hobbies include:

  • Collection of themed objects and items (this includes collecting: stamps, rocks, shells, coins, cards…)
  • Engaging in creative and artistic pursuit (this includes making origami, creative writing, painting, photography, woodwork, knitting, singing, dancing, drama, playing musical instrument…)
  • Science related hobbies (astronomy, meteorology, math, magic, reading …)
  • Making and tinkering (cooking, gardening, car reparations etc.)
  • Playing various sports (fitness, bodybuilding, basketball, football, hiking, running…)

Do you need a hobby?

The answer is yes, because there are plenty of reasons which positively contribute to having a hobby. Hobby is great way for you to diverse from daily routine and probably one of the best ways to forget about the present problems.

Having a hobby gives a great motivation, entertainment, learning, distraction, communication and relaxation. People who have hobby always have interesting stories to tell, they have perfect way to be occupied during their spare time, they’re highly motivated to reach their goals, they’re constantly in communications with other people with similar hobbies and they always find to be stress relieved.  Plus having a hobby gives a little creativity which can be transferred in other parts of the hobbyist’s life.

Who can have a hobby?

The answer is everyone, from children through working age people to retired people. Every person has different reason for having hobby, retired people have plenty of spare time and they need to filled it with something that will amuse them, people who work need some distraction and children are very enthusiastic hobbyists.

Having a hobby is very important for children because they can have a very big part of shaping their personality, enhances their skills, intensifies their compassion, built a team spirit. Child tend to imitate their elders so is up to you to set a good example.

Working people may have a big benefit from having a hobby because when they are on market looking for a new job they can put some information about their hobby in the resume. Nowadays hiring management take the personal interest sections in the resume very seriously, because these hobbies are sighs of good discipline, focus and worker who is open to learn new things. There are few recommended hobbies as: reading, travelling, playing strategic mind games, team sport, creative hobby, yoga, biking …

The best way to prevent a social isolation when it comes to people who are already retired is having a good hobby. Having a hobby provides successful aging and good mental and physical condition.  Volunteering has the best benefits because you have service roll and you are constantly learning something new. Elderly people can also do hiking, walking, gardening, cooking, participating in a book club, caring for a pet, playing cards…

When can you perform your hobby?

Performing a hobby may be at regular basis or occasionally. Some hobbies need to be constantly repeated in order to gain results, like training in different kind of sports. But scuba diving is hobby which is performed occasionally during vacations or holidays.

Time frame for your hobby is very individual it depends on your working, eating and sleeping schedule. Grown people can easily do time management and to find perfect time to do their hobby, maybe only children need some help in order to organize their free time.

Where can you perform your hobby?

The answer is simple, there are two types of hobbies, the first ones are happening outdoors (like sports, travel, photography, gardening, fishing…) and the second ones are happening indoors (art, cooking, puzzles, creative writing, sewing, chess, collecting stamps…). This selection is not very strict, some sports may happen indoor (fitness, yoga, basketball…) and some of indoor activity may happen outdoor (like writing, reading, sewing…).

How to find a hobby?

If you don’t have a hobby or if you are looking new hobby, there are few tips for you to follow:

  • Challenge – try to find a hobby which will be exact challenge just for you. You may reconsider your previous knowledge, because if you start something new that needs a large amount of new data and information, it will take years before you see any progress
  • Strengths – try to find a hobby that you have ability to do it. You may consider your fitness level, education, passion and finances when you’re choosing a hobby. You can’t go mountain climbing if you are scared from heights.
  • Stress – try to find a hobby that will have lower level of stress not with higher level of stress. Sometimes people value their efforts put in some hobby like fitness and healthy food, in order to keep up with their principals they sacrifice social interactions for control over their food, drinks, workouts and routine. The best advice is to stay balanced whatever you do because you have your leisure time to recreate yourself.

Which benefits we get from having a hobby?

  • Changing day-to-day routine (by choosing a new hobby you will bring excitement in life and change daily routine of work, eat and sleep)
  • Meeting new people (by choosing a new hobby you will be surrounded by people who share your interests and social connections have overall positive effect on your mental health)
  • Learning new things (by choosing a new hobby you will start to learn new things that you never had attempt to do it previously)
  • Enlarging experience (by choosing a new hobby you never know how your life could be changed because you experienced new things)
  • Improving Self Esteem (by choosing a new hobby you will be mentally and physically challenged and by reaching your goals you will be rewarded with higher confidence and bigger Self Esteem)
  • Thinking creatively (by choosing a new hobby you will discover creativity in so many ways, from time management to problem solving level for work or other tasks in life)
  • Reducing negative stress (some hobbies may bring you more stress but you can compensate with others which are reducing stress)

There are many direction and definitions about spending your leisure time, regardless all the information you need to think about the things you naturally enjoy rather than what you think you should do. Avoid having a lot of hobbies either leaping from one to the next or doing a hobby because is fashionable at the moment. General aim of the hobby is to have a relaxation during your free time not to be annoyed or bored. Many people are unhappy at work, but while you must work to pay the bills, you have free choice in what you do with your spare time.  Go and spend it the best way you can and remember the best hobbies have steady progression of challenge so you are constantly learning new things and achieving new levels of ability.

Leisure activity/hobby is finding a perfect way how to pass a free time enjoying in it. To find the best occupation that will provide you with a lot of fun and joy.

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