Why You Should Add Exercising In Your Life

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“Exercising as a hobby” – to choose or not to choose, depends on you and your lifestyle. This is not just a one-time event, by choosing a workout as your hobby you must do it regularly on a weekly basis.

There is a lot of investing and months can be passing till you see some changes on your body. You must be truly dedicated to this hobby to see how amazing physical transformation you can get from it.

Not everyone is doing his workout by his own choice, for someone this is a required task to do (he/she has medical problems, overweight or she/he just feel unattractive). But if you like doing your workout and you are enjoying during it, we can say that is not just your hobby but your way of living. Because this is not something your doing in your spare time, but your doing everything to have a spare time for it.

In this article, we will give you guidance about what is a workout and the basic content of good workout. It’s not recommended to do the workout by yourself if you not familiar to it. The best advice is to start your workout schedule with someone who has all the needed information about how to do the workout or with a licensed trainer.

Exercising Program

Before you start the workout program you need to establish your fitness goals and start it very slow and with continuously upgrading your progress. You must integrate exercise in your daily routine and prepare your nutrition program as well.

In a good workout program there are four categories included, you must combine all of them to get a full body exercise.

Aerobic Activity

The first category is endurance which is an aerobic activity to raise your pulse and increase your breathing. In this category follow these exercises:

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Biking

General purpose of these kind of exercise is to gain stamina and to do workout in extended period of time without getting tired.


The second category is a strength which is making your muscles stronger actually this is anaerobic endurance where resistance is used to induce muscular contraction and to built the muscles strength examples of these activities are:

  • Lifting weight
  • Training with resistance bands
  • Doing push -ups, sit-ups, squats
  • Walking lunges
  • Planks
  • Jumping
  • Hiking

Aim of this category of workout is to achieve coordination, stabilization, activation to the muscles for generating a high level of force, minimizing the reaction time and enhancing athletic performance.

Balance Exercises

The third category is balance or exercises to prevent from falling. The folowing exercises are included in this category:

  • Standing on one foot
  • Walking from heel to toe
  • Back leg raises
  • Side leg raises

Exercising balance may help with every day activity (going up and down to stairs) and also can prevents a fall.


And the last category is flexibility or exercises to stretch your muscles and they include:

Stretching shoulders and chest

Stretching arm across chest

Triceps stretching

Glute stretching

Adductor stretch
Standing quadriceps
Standing calf

These exercises are needed to reduce injuries and to reduce pain after a very active workout. But they bring a positive state of mind and reduce the physical stress of the muscles.

Why workout? Because it is good for the whole body on a physical and mental level, it reduces body fat and blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes type 2, reduces the risk of arthritis but also improves your immune system, builds muscles, makes the bones stronger, makes the breathing easier, controls the weight.

From good exercise, you will get a beautifully toned body but regular exercise gives you better mood, sleep and increased level of relaxation.

Don’t wait any longer join the local gym and enjoy the workout!

“Exercising as a hobby” - to choose or not to choose, depends on you and your lifestyle, but as your hobby you must do it regularly on a weekly basis.

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