How Social Media Affects Our Lives

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What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when we say social media? Social media is the window to a whole new world out there but the questions is, whether the world is true or false?

Can you appear in this world without any interference in your personal life? Can this world only affect you in a bad way or can you get some positive outcome from it? Can social media have a more negative or positive impact on your life?

Social media is vital part of everyone’s life and the general definition of it is that it’s electronic communication or networking. Through social media individuals, groups or companies are sharing their information or ideas, shopping, educate themselves…

Generally social media provides us with a lot of information and various data, quick access to new things and many learning possibilities. In a such a full spectrum of information can we find the one we are searching for and can we find the right information?

Commonly known examples of social media are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, blogs, forums etc. They are free for use bu you must register and make profile to use them, you can use them to write messages, upload photos or videos, to go live online through video posts or just to communicate for advices, to find information etc.

In this article we try to explain the impact of social media on personal life. The simple answer is that it influence on your life only if you allow it. Only on individual level you can sort out if that influence of social media has positive or negative impact.

Positive Effects Of Social Media


The aim of social media is to connect people to each other, to find people that you know, to find people that you lost contact with or to stay in contact with many people through the years. This started with possibility to connect people with their friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances or to reconnect to colleagues from faculty, high school even in primary school. In this social networking you can connect with people you don’t know in your real life as celebrities or public figures.


Using social media to be your voice to tell your opinion on every day situation, global changing, ideas or just to share your thoughts. You can share insights about travelling, places you have visited, your daily routine, workouts, poetry, business, economy, politics view, ethic believes, culture etc.


Through social media you can find new information about your interests. If you have some hobby you can connect with people with similar interests and you can learn about their experience or you can find some new things that you like. Using the power of social media individually you can increase you learning level, imagination, creativeness and innovations.

Negative Effects Of Social Media

Fake News

Misinformation is the big problem because is very easy to get confused by various information available on the net. The best way to find the information that you are searching for is selection through web pages. And when you find some information provided from the web page you can always compare with information provided from official webpages, only then you can be sure that you found what you are looking for.

Even if you are double checking your information sometimes you can be misleading, because yellow propaganda is very widespread and uses sensationalist and misleading news only to increase readership on their website.


Today way of living is connected with using social media, but overusing it is simply called addiction. If you are spending too much time on social media, thinking about it through your working hours, feeling urge to check what is the newest thing posted, or just checking to find how many likes are gathered on you latest post…you maybe have a problem.

But if all of this doesn’t affect your work, study or relationship of any kind is ok, because you don’t spend too much time on social media. The real problem comes when you are nonstop online and it defines your daily routine. Because overusing social media can lead you to depression and loneliness.

Loss Of Privacy

Exposing personal data (pictures, favorite places, check ins, foods, drinks, likes, dislikes…) and oversharing personal information online is real threat to privacy. If someone shares too much information in front of strangers that makes him vulnerable in every way (physically and emotionally), that goes same with the social media, if you put too much information you are open to be target of abuse of any kind.

So when you use social media you should be careful and take precaution on how or how often you use them.

Social media provides us with a lot of information and various data, quick access to new things and many learning possibilities.

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