Simple Tricks That Will Help Reveal If The Meat Is Fresh Or Bad

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Important quality traits for fresh meat are color, water, texture and amount of fat. Avoid unsavory dishes or food poisoning during the summer by following these easy steps…

Meat is delivered in different shapes and it is not always easy to see if the meat is fresh with good quality, especially when it comes to ground meat. What is best for you is to buy fresh meat from a local farm, but that is not always the case.

You should pick meat products that do not take long to be delivered to the supermarket and you may need to watch for unpleasant odors, examine the meat color or texture, and take preventative measures to avoid early spoiling.

Although many people believe it to be unhealthy, the amount of fat is important when it comes to the aroma of the fresh meat, says Elisabeth Roesicke from the German Agricultural Centre. Meat with good quality should contain intramuscular fat, which can be noticed as white vein-like stripes coloring the meat.

Another thing you should pay attention to when buying meat is whether it contains water. Do double check for water before putting the meat in your basket. If the meat is surrounded by bloody water, it means that the meat is old and bad, says Roesicke. It takes no more than five seconds to check whether the meat is good for you.


The ideal color of the meat depends on the type of meat. Veal should have bright, but not white color, same as poultry meat. Beef should be bright cherry red, not too dark. Ideal color of the pork is pale pink. Do not purchase or eat meat with grayish color and with a dull, discolored appearance, says Roesicke.


There is another simple way to see if the packed meat is still fresh. Inspect the meat by pressing it with your finger. The meat should return in its original firm state and the texture should be shiny. Spoiled meat feels tacky to the touch.

Important quality traits for fresh meat are color, water, texture and amount of fat. Avoid food poisoning by following these easy steps.

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