How To Choose A Suitable Plant Pot

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In order for the plants to grow successfully, we need to make sure that they grow in a suitable plant pot. Their exterior appearance is a matter of personal taste and we will be guided by our own wishes. Much more important are the size and the material they are made …

The Plant Pot Should’t Be Too Small Nor Too Big

Size of pots, whether they are for growing young plants, they turn those in which the plants are placed for a long time, largely depends on the plant itself, particularly on the development of the roots. The small plants are not well planted in too big pots as they will then lose energy to the development of roots, and much less develop the upper part of the plant.

Even small vessels are not good – plants cannot develop well and dry out very quickly in the summer. Not too small vessels are not good – the plants are not well developed, and in the summer is very quickly dry up. Without this, the root of the plant could be harmed, and the whole plant would die.

Clay, Enamel, Fiberglass, Etc. Pots

Sowing and/or planting small plants typically used sowing trays with openings. We choose them according to the types of plants you want to grow. When the root overgrows the opening, they are transplanted into larger pots or in the open. Many pots for young plants can be of biodegradable material and combined with them for transplants – which is useful for species that do not like disturbing of the roots.

Larger plants all the time growing in pots gradually need more space, and they accordingly transplanted into larger pots. Although the most natural, clay pots have some drawbacks: they are prone to firing and breaking, and in the summer,  plants they lose moisture more quickly. Pots with enamel much better retain moisture.

Materials such as fiberglass have an advantage because they are lightweight and resistant to heat and cold. Although they often do not have aesthetic qualities, plastic pots are cheap and grateful as they maintain good moisture. Containers made of concrete, stone or marble are solid, lasting, stable and quite heavy. Usually used in outdoor areas, for larger plants.

In order for the plants to grow successfully, we need to make sure that they grow in a suitable plant pot.

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