Healthy Look After A Night Of Partying

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Picture this. You are partying with your friends and you came back home very late that evening. But the next morning you have a very important meeting or you have some urgent obligations for the day and our outlook must be perfect.

So, what then? What should you do, so you don’t look like you were parting all night long?

Usually In this case we would say that beauty sleep (about 6-8 hours per day) should do the trick, but you don’t have that much time for sleeping. So, you have a problem, which cannot be solved with your beauty sleep because of lack of time.

One look on the mirror and you see the redness in our eyes, your completely sore eyes, your undercoats are big and blue and our face is completely grey. But you must look perfect in eyes of your clients, and you don’t want our face to show that you were parting all night long, because is unacceptable for you to look sleepy and tired when you have important professional appointments.

Further, we can guide you through some simple way how to look better and less tired after being parting all night. These advices are very reasonable and easy to follow up, so please read these quick tips and use the best of them.


We hope that the right outfit will do the trick and our tiredness will not appear in first sight, so we have some advices for You:

When You Choose The Color Of Your Wardrobe, Choose Light Colors

It is very important your wardrobe to be in bright colors, because we need them to show that we are in perfect mood and very happy. The right and bright color will indicate happiness and joy and should have positive effect on the clients or coworkers that you have meeting with.

We recommend that you choose some bright blue, raspberry or peach tones…but if you’re not fond of these colors you should definitely use the white color. Well – meaning advice is that you should avoid the dark colors (like black, grey and black) at all costs, because the colors are associated with deprivation, and will put the accent on the tiredness shown upon your face.

When You Choose Your Wardrobe, Choose Bold Combination

If your self-esteem but also your working place allows you, use some bold combination of your wardrobe. Example, you should wear some shirt /tank top in combination with knee pants. Every unconventional piece of your wardrobe, might look very pretty if you combinate wisely.

When You Choose Your Wardrobe Also Choose Jewel Which Will Fit With Your Outlook

When your task is to find a perfect match for your combination of wardrobe and jewel, you should know two important things. The first one is, when you are overdressed (or you have put on yourself some bold combination of clothes), your jewellery must be tiny, simply and adorable, the second one is, when you choose light colors for your outfit, your jewel must be big, shiny and bold. Example, when you’re dressed in white color its ok to choose some scarf in very strong color or you put some very big and shiny necklace. Also choose some watch and your purse upon your wardrobe combination.


Add the perfect hair to the perfect combinations of clothes and you are already done pretty much for your outlook.  You must know that freshly washed and stylized hair is the best choice of all.

But if you don’t have enough time to visit the hairdresser you should definitely do something with your hair on your own. You don’t want your hair to look dry and awful, you must do something and make it perfect. You should make a straight or curly tale or you can just make some interesting bun.

Make Up

And the last one, but also the more important thing is the makeup, if you don’t want your tired face to look in that way, you should definitely put some make up on. There is a big amount of complicated advices and tutorials how to put your make up on. Our aim is to show and present you with some simple but effective methods in makeup.

Hygiene Of Your Face

After waking up in the morning is the best time to wake up the skin of your face by washing with a cool water. Hygiene of your face is important every day. But if you have some extra time you can use it to freshen up your face a little more by using ice cubes from your refrigerator. With this process you will add fresher look to your face, with massaging your undercoat with circular movement located under your eyes. You can also refresh the rest of your face skin with the ice cubes.

Preparation Of Your Face Skin For The Makeup

After cooling the face skin with the ice cubes, you should dry your face with soft cotton towel and then start with the deep cleaning with cleaning milk or tonic products from your cosmetic collection. Then you put your crème which apparently is useful for your skin to be hydrated and elastic and also to fit with your skin type.

You must have some crème for your undercoats, the best of them have some caffeine in their content. Using the powder is understandable but is better if you can switch the ordinary powder with skin perfector foundation (which prepares, corrects, moisturizes and protects the face skin).

Next step is using the corrector for undercoats and best advice is to use two shades of this product, one exactly like our skin tone and one darker. You put the darker corrector under your eye starting from the external side of your face, than in the middle you start using the lighter corrector till the end of the root of your nose base.

Putting On The Makeup

When the prime of your face skin is over you can put youр favorite makeup on.  Аlso we can give you some directions which can be very useful for you.

Experience says that using an eyeliner on tired eyes has negative effect, so you can start with using eyes shadows but only the nude palette. Best advice is to make your eyes lashes look perfect, so when you make the eye contact, the redness in your eyes it’s not very visible.

When you choose the color of the blush make it with peach or rose tone which will give you a tenderness and glove effect on your skin. With matching lipstick the makeup is done for you.

 In the end put your favorite perfume and you’re ready to take over the day.

You are partying with your friends and you came back home very late that evening. But the next morning you have a very important meeting.

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