Exploration Of Loneliness And A Tribute To Resilience – A.J. Finn: The Women In The Window

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A.J. Finn is 39 years old; He lives in New York, but spent the most of his life in the UK, including 5 years in the Ph.D. program for crime fiction at Oxford.

He never aspired to write fiction, because he already enjoyed his job as a book publisher, where he saw many unhappy authors. But one day a character was appeared into his mind, and he felt he needed to get to know her better.

A couple of years later, “The Woman in the Window” became a global bestseller available in 41 languages, with a film adaptation that will release in October 2019.

“The Woman in the window” can be described as one of the Hitchcock’s thrillers. You could say it’s like Rear Window for the 21st century. Loneliness and loss experience are believed to be one of the main reasons why the book connects with so many readers around the world.

Stephen King described his novel as “Unputdownable.”, S.K. found the book compulsively readable.

Unlike many books which use “girls” in their title, A.J. Finn choose “woman” instead. Usually, the female characters, sometimes even the lead roles, are helpless, hopelessly dependent on men.

This is one of the main reasons why Lisbeth Salander of Amy Dunne of Gone Girl and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo have made such a huge impact: They have been more than capable of holding their own against the men in their lives.

He wanted to create a strong lead woman who isn’t your typical damsel in distress. Anna Fox throughout the book unravels a mystery, pursues an inquiry and confronts an antagonist, all of this without the help of a man.

A heroine and an author are sharing a lot in common. He said once that envisioning Anna “I wanted to explore what I’ve been through”. So, he chooses to explore it walking in the shoes of a woman, alluding to author own struggles with mental health– one of the defining experiences of his adulthood; He was diagnosed with clinical depression at age 21 and at age 36 was his diagnosis corrected: He learned that He had a variant of bipolar disorder.

He is in a much better place than he was before, thanks to regular therapy and revised medication regimen. Sadly, he still has to fight with his mental health on a daily basis, in more ways than one. And even though the circumstances of Anna’s grief are very different from his own, he feels their experience is comparable in intensity.

The character popped in his head fully formed, as a woman, however, if he were to drill into his subconscious, he would say that he made a female character because he knew he would be exploring some personal issues, and he didn’t want to confuse himself with the main character.

Dr. Anna Fox lives the life of a recluse in her New York City brownstone. She lives alone, spending her days watching old suspense movies, playing online chess, drinking wine, and spying on her neighbors. When a couple and their teenage son move in across the street, Anna is intrigued by the seemingly perfect family. But one night she sees something she shouldn’t and her world begin to spiral terrifyingly out of control. The Woman in the Window is a twisty psychological thriller where nothing is quite what it seems.

The novel was an instant hit on publication, shooting immediately to the top of The New York Times bestseller list.

A.J. Finn describes the book as Hitchcock's Rear Window for the 21st century.

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